Sambo Videos

 We recently filmed most of the armbar videos on this page. Here are a few things to note: The focus of this set is on building a system of reliable attacks that utilize limited techniques with multiple applications such as the armdrag, Russian arm-tie, over the back armbar and underhooks.  Our application of the over the back armbar (Juji roll/Iatskevich roll) is unique in that all of the setups shown apply the roll to an already straightened arm, making the attack VERY high percentage.  You'll also note that our side control armbar attacks originate from North/South, which we believe is a better option for launching armbar attacks and ties in better with our theories of positional hierarchy which take us away from our opponents hips and towards their head. Most players have very weak north/south defensive skills.  The power armbar from mount (#8) was used by my athlete Pat Walsh to submit the very tough Anton Seleznev to win the 2013World BJJ Championships (HW Blue Belt Div).   I